Volume 18 Issue 3


What Attributes Must have a Good Pediatric Dentist?

Mohammad Karimi. 18(3): 341-342.

Research Article

Dental Treatment Under Sedation Versus General Anesthesia

Zubaida Al Karaawi. 18(3): 343-348.

Research Article

Comparing the Bonding of a Resin Luting Agent to Different All Ceramic Systems with Different Surface Treatments

Mohammed Fahad Siraj Wali, Zain Majdy Mohammed Baslom, Ibtehal Anas Ahmad Mohammed, Mahmoud Abd-Allah Mohammed Mekky, Salah A Youssef, Rami M Galal and Ahmed M Elmarakby. 18(3): 354-359.

Review Article

Why Fret when you have the Dental Jet: A Review on the Oral Irrigators

Karishma Rohra, Devanand Shetty, Pooja Wadkar, Suyog Dharmadhikari and Nitish Poddar. 18(3): 360-368.

Review Article

Dental Jousting - A Blame Game: A Threat from the Insider to the Dental Fraternity

Manoj Ramugade, Dharna Bharat Parekh, Sayed Abrar Bashir Ahmed, Kishor Sapkale, Gulam Anwar Naviwala. 18(3): 369-371.

Review Article

Oral Health Prevention and the Current Healthcare System in Bulgaria

Yulia Bogdanova Peeva. 18(3): 372-376.

Research Article

Environmental Risk Factor (Smoking) Affects Oral-Periodontal Diseases

Ossama A Alkhatib, Wael T Daboul, Muhanad O AlKhatib and Samar F Saati. 18(3): 383-391.

Research Article

Prevalence and Assessment of Dry Mouth: A Study among Selected Group of Elderly Patients in Dar es Salaam

Irene Kida Minja, Makoye Mang’oma Ndalahwa and Anna Joseph Lyimo. 18(3): 392-400.

Review Article

Radiographical Approach to Multilocular Radiolucent Lesions of the Jaws-A Review

Chaithra Kalkur, Nilofer Halim, Atul Sattur and Krishna Burde. 18(3): 410-420.

Mini Review

Coronally Advanced Flap- A Mini Review

Bharat Joshi. 18(3): 421-422.

Case Series

Use of Versatile Platysma Flap in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Our Experience

Prachi Fatangare, Harish Saluja, Seemit Shah and Anuj Dadhich. 18(3): 423-428.

Review Article

What Should be Done for Dental Care in Down’s Syndrome Children?

Mohammad Karimi D.M.D 18(3): 429-434.

Review Article

Alveolar Osteitis. Current Concepts

Sergio Augusto Luis Fernandes and Mario Utrilla Trinidad. 18(3): 435-439.

Case Series

Periapical Cyst: Report of Cases

Cabrera Edgar, Rodriguez Manuel, Villarroel Mariana, Sabater Alejandra, Chacón Liseth and Salazar Valentina. 18(3): 440-451.


The Forty-Five Rules of Fixed Prosthodontics

Fendi Alshaarani. 18(3): 454-455.

Research Article

Assessment of Anxiety Levels in Children Undergoing Dental Treatment with and Without Rubber Dam

Savitha Sathyaprasad, Vijaynath S, Allwin Antony, Philu Achaam Philip, and Neethu K S. 18(3): 456-460.

Research Article

Association between Non-Carious Cervical Lesions (NCCLs) and Loss of Attachment in Patients with Periodontitis

Maria Rioboo, Salima Benmehdi, Elena Figuero, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Denis Bourgeois and Mariano Sanz. 18(3): 470-478.

Research Article

Phytochemical Analysis of Papaya Leaf Extract: Screening Test

Snigdha Shubham, Ravish Mishra, Narayan Gautam, Manisha Nepal, Nilotpol Kashyap and Kishore Dutta. 18(3): 485-490.

Review Article

Oral Hygiene Status, Practices and Awareness of Medium Security Prison Inmates in Northeastern Nigeria

Idowu Enoch A, Afolabi Adedapo O and Solomon Olusegun Nwhator. 18(3): 491-501.

Case Report

“Oral Plasma Cell Granuloma - A Pseudo-Tumor?”

Anil Singh, Shweta Singh, Kunal Sah and Shomaila Ahmad. 18(3): 502-507.

Review Article

Enhancing Retrievability of Cement Retained Implant Supported Restorations

Mhammad Saleh and Simge Taşar Faruk. 18(3): 508-512.

Review Article

Historical Development and Current Challenges of Dental Amalgam

Daniel Castellanos Prada. 18(3): 533-540.

Case Study

Pyogenic Granuloma Removal Combined with Coronal Flap Advancement

Fred Silva, Duarte Wagner, Tanello Bruna, Cohen Donald and Neiva Rodrigo. 18(4): 547-553.