Volume 17 Issue 8


Bacterial Flora of the Oral Cavity in Periodontal Diseases

Ambarkova Vesna. 17(8): 1196-1197.

Research Article

Effective Hygiene of the Mouth Cavity of the Diabetes Mellitus of the Second Type

EA Karton, MS Bardova, LS Persin, DB Kaplan and EG Zaretskaya. 17(8): 1198-1204.

Review Article

Antimicrobial Intervention in Periodontal Therapy

Sarah Moideen, Afshan Siddiqi and Adil Habib. 17(8): 1219-1223.

Case Report

Neurolysis of Buccal Nerve – Management of Post Traumatic Neuropathic Pain – A Case Report

Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Rudresh KB, Prashanth R, Abhishek Khatua and Vinod Kumar. 17(8): 1239-1244.

Mini Review

3D imaging in clinical dentistry : Short review with case reports

Dhaval P Pandya and Purvi D Pan. 17(8): 1258-1262.

Case Report

Dentigerous and Periapical Cysts in Anatomic Continuity Mimicking an Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor

Susy Evelin Moraes Vasconcelos, Antonio Jorge Araujo Vasconcelos II , Marco Túllio Brazão-Silva and Tiago Novaes Pinheiro. 17(8): 1263-1271.

Research Article

Comparison of the Response of the Right and Left TMJs after Treatment Using Twin Block Appliance, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Ahmed Abdelmonem Abdelemam and Wael Mohamed Mubarak Refai. 17(8): 1272-1277.

Review Article

Bioactivity: A New Buzz in Dental Materials

Tamer M Hamdy. 17(8): 1278-1283.

Research Article

Which is better for Principle Abutments in distal Extension Cases : Ball or Ot-Equator Attachment ? A Research Article

Ahmed Mohammad Amr Abdelmoez, Mohamed M.Fouad and Elsayed Abdallah Abdelkhalik. 17(8): 1284-1292.

Mini Review

Correlation of Poor Oral Hygiene with Obesity-A Mini Review

Kulvinder Kochar Kaur, Gautam Allahbadia and Mandeep Singh. 17(8): 1304-1308.

Short Communication

The Cartilaginous Subcutis: Choristoma and Heterotopy

Anubha Bajaj. 17(8): 1318-1323.


Bioactive Material: Biodentine

Akash Bhatnagar. 17(8): 1324.

Review Article

“Under the Skin of the Teeth” - Ectodermal Dysplasia A Review

Akshata G Kamath, Naveen Krishna KV, Arjun Hegde and Uma Mayoor Prabhu. 17(8): 1325-1334.

Review Article

Laser Treatment of Periodontal Disease: A Systematic Review of Histological Outcomes

Miriam Ting, Benzon H Huynh, Shea M Devine, Stanton M Braid and Jon B Suzuki. 17(8): 1344-1367.

Case Report

Immediate Post-Extraction Implant Placement, Immediate Function and Long-Term Prognosis. Factors Affecting Alveolar Ridge Changes

Luca Dal Carlo, Marco E Pasqualini, Franco Rossi and Mike Shulman. 17(8): 1368-1373.

Conceptual Paper

The Use of CO2 Laser in Oral and Dental Medicine

Mohamed Mustafa Elfurgany. 17(8): 1374-1383.

Research Article

The Difficulty of Surgical Management of Mandibular Ameloblastoma: About 59 Cases

Mohamed Benchad, Mohamed Belhallaj and Faiçal Slimani. 17(8): 1384-1390.

Short Communication

Screening for Obstructive Sleep Disorders

Michael Flanell. 17(8): 1391-1396.

Research Article

The Significance of Quantification of AgNORs in Different Oral Mucosal Lesions

Abu Anis Khan, Muhammad Nazmul Baqui, Mohammad Mesbahuzzaman, Sharmin Rozhana, Anannya Sarkar, Afroz Shirin and Walid El-Sayed. 17(8): 1397-1406.

Case Report

Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Palate: Rare Localization

Allouane Mohamed Amine, Khdim Mouna, Lekhbal Adil, Rouadi Sami, Abada Reda Lah, Roubal Mohamed and Mohamed Mahtar. 17(8): 1431-1433.

Short Communication

Each Iranian Teenager almost has Four Damaged Teeth

Mohammad Karimi, D.M.D, B.S. 17(8): 1438.

Research Article

To Evaluate the Tumor Size, Time Interval and Factors Involved in Delayed Presentation of Oral Cancerous Lesion in Rural Areas – A Multifactorial Analytical Study

Harish Saluja, Shivani Sachdeva, Semmit Shah, Anuj Dadhich, Parul Tandon and Vinayak More. 17(8): 1439-1444.

Research Article

Classification of Digital Intra Oral Periapical Radiographs Represented as Feature Vector Using Neural Network Architectures: A Comparative Study

Shubhangi Vinayak Tikhe, Anjali Milind Naik, Sadashiv Dattatraya Bhide, S Prakash and KP Kaliyamurthie. 17(8): 1451-1456.

Research Article

Job Satisfaction among Pediatric Dentists in Saudi Arabia

Muadh A Algomaiah and Fares S Al-Sehaibany. 17(8): 1457-1462.

Review Article

Maxillary Sinus Disorders: A Review for the Dental Practitioner

Chaithra Kalkur, Atul Sattur, Venkatesh G Naikmasur, Krishna Burde and Nilofer Halim. 17(8): 1463-1468.

Case Report

Facial Infection due to Cosmetic Filler Injection: Literature Review and Case Report

Hamed H Al-Bargi and Shuhrah Ali Alshehri. 17(8): 1469-1474.