Volume 17 Issue 3


Vitiligo and Oral Manifestations!!!

Deepak Viswanath and Arun Sajjanar. 17(3): 91-92.

Research Article

Knowledge and Opinion of Dental Students Regarding Community Water Fluoridation

Divesh Byrappagari and Thuy Nguyen. 17(3): 93-100.

Research Article

A comparative Study on the Hemodynamic Effects of Local Anesthetics Articaine vs. Lidocaine in Healthy Patients

Mohammed Sulaiman Alsaleh, Maryam Mohammed Alhindi, Ahmed Fahad Alasraj, Mohammed Abdullah Assiri, and Muhmmad Shoaib Ahmedani. 17(3): 101-106.

Short Communication

An Audit of Oral Hygiene Maintenance among Orthodontic Patients in Benghazi

Iman Abdelgader, Fatma Alomamy and Saied H Mohamed. 17(3): 107-110.

Review Article

Systematic Review on Oral Cancer

Kanwaldeep Singh Soodan, Pratiksha Priyadarshni, Mamit Kumar and Siddhant Sharma. 17(3): 116-119.

Case Report

Orthosurgical Management of Median Cleft Lip and Palate, A Multidisciplinary Approach: Case Report

Wisam Al Hamadi, Fayez Saleh, Mohamad Kaddouha and Almustafa W Alhumadi. 17(3): 120-130.

Research Article

Awareness and Acceptance of Dental Therapists among Dentists: A Cross-Sectional Study among Dentists in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ehab N Alshouibi, Wafa S Alalyani, Razan N Alharbi, Halah M Alturkstani, Hadeel A Alhassani and Osama M Felemban. 17(3): 143-149.

Review Article

Lasers Use in Different Dental Pediatric Aspects

Mahitab M Soliman, Fatma Saleh Alzahrani and Pooja Arora. 17(3): 150-159.

Case Report

Management of Skeletal Class II Malocclusion by Surgery-First Approach– A Short Term Clinical Experience

Ratna Parameswaran, Dinesh Ram Raja, A Nayeemullah Khan, Ratna Rachel and Devaki Vijayalakshmi. 17(3): 160-167.

Research Article

Comparison of Two Different Types of Matrix Systems in Class II Composite Restorations

Deema Souqiyyeh, Salma Abdulbaqi, Naeimah Al-Somali, Eman Ali Al-Dejani, Ruqaiah Mohammed Al-Nasser, Tahani Al-Balawi, Shaykhah Ali Al-Musallam, Manal Al-Mutairy, Narjis Al-Howaigi and Roula Al-Bouni. 17(3): 177-183.

Research Article

Effect of Ozone on Wound Healing After Surgical Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar

Ahmed Nagi Alghandour, Tarek Elsharkawy and Mohamed Farid. 17(3): 184-189.


The Place of PEEK in Dentistry and Implantology

Samrat C. 17(3): 201-206.

Review Article

Role of Clove, Piper nigrum, Curcuma longa and Savory in Dentistry: A Boon in Herbal Usage

Kamal Nabhi, Bharti Sharma, Pooja Mehra, Shajah Hussain Sheikh and Anchal Sood. 17(3): 215-228.

Research Article

Bleaching Efficacy of a Carbamide Peroxide and Lactoperoxidase Based Toothpaste

Sana Bagga, Mehdi Khemiss and Mohamed Ben Khélifa. 17(3): 229-236.

Research Article

Setting Time of an Experimental Calcium Silicate Based Cement Versus Angelus White MTA and Sinai White Portland Cement

Amira Mohammad Samy Mostafa, Mohammad Yousry Anwar Hassan, Mohammad Ali Elyasaky, Maha Ahmad Niazy and Mohammad Abbas Masoud. 17(3): 237-243.

Research Article

Histopathological and Histochemical Evaluation of Pulpal Response to Biodentine Compared to Portland Cement in Pulpotomized Dogs’ Teeth

Moustafa Mohammed Sayed, Nagawa Mohammed Ali Khattab and Wael Hamada Ahmed. 17(3): 261-272.