Volume 16 Issue 1


Statins: A New Era in Periodontology?

Ziyad S Haidar. 16(1): 01-02.

Case Report

Foreign body Around Toddler’s Primary Molar Report of a case

Gazalla K Agali, Hamed Orafi and Ghada S Awad Ali. 16(1): 03-05.

Research Article

The Effect of Laser Therapy on Pocket Depth Reduction in Chronic Periodontitis Patients

Ahmed Tawfig, Alya Abdullah, Yasmen Madani, Shatha Alsuwaidan, Ghadeer Alghamdi, Taghreed Albishri and Asma Alfaifi. 16(1): 06-16.

Review Article

Managements of Immature Apex: A Review

Dr. Karim A Mohamed and Dr. Rasha M Abuzied. 16(1): 17-51.

Case Report

Horizontal Ridge Augmentation in Esthetic Zone Using Albumin Coated Bone Allograft

Ahmed Halim Ayoub and Soulafa Mohamed Belal. 16(1): 56-63.