Volume 8 Issue 7

Research Article

Evaluation of Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions in Healthy Adult Male Sedentary Workers

Sharmin Sultana, ABM Morshed Goni, Chandra Rani Sarkar, Merina Akhter, Nasima Khatun Runa, Nayma Jahan and Ratindra Nath Mondal. 8(7): 01-16.

Research Article

Is the Patient’s Blood Pressure Being Measured in the Doctors’ Offices during the Routine Medical Appointments?

Henrique Cotchi Simbo Muela, Guilherme Mendes Lima Franco, Fernando Muhongo Sandala, António Gerson Bastos Francisco, Mujimbi José Viana, Isaura da Conceição Almeida Lopes and Albano Vicente Lopes Ferreira. 8(7): 51-59.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Severely Symptomatic and Reversible 2:1 Atrioventricular Block Associated with Subclinical Hypothyroidism: Case Report

Meryem Haboub, Imane Tlohi, Salim Arous, Mohamed El Ghali Benouna, Leila Azzouzi and Rachida Habbal. 8(7): 04-09.

Case Report

Incidental Penetrating Aortic Ulcer of the Ascending Aorta: Case Report

Marwa Abdul Hakeem, Maha Bouziane, Mahamadou Charfo and Rachida Habbal. 8(7): 10-15.

Short Communication

Communication in Medicine: Part I: Communication as a Process and its Critical Issues

Giuseppe Gullace and Luciano Peirone. 8(7): 16-23.