Volume 6 Issue 11


Adropin as a Serum Marker in Coronary Artery Disease. To be or not to be?

Arnaldo Rodríguez León. 6(11): 01-02.

Research article

Acute and Mid-Term results of Superoseptal Versus Inferolateral Mitral Isthmus Linear Ablation for Left Atrial Substrate Modification

Michele Brunelli, Ulrike Wagner, Tanja Baldauf, Markus Frommhold, Anett Große, Santi Raffa2, Markus Roos, Yusef Sayeg, Mark Sammut, Kristel Wauters and J Christoph Geller. 6(11): 1105-1117.

Short Communication

The Might of Millets and the Heart

Ram B Singh, Mira Dewi, Ahmad Sulaeman, Rie Horiuchi, Nalin Rawal, Kumar Kartikey and Ghizal Fatima. 6(11): 1041-1044.

Case Report

A Complex Cardio-Hematological Case

Alvin Ee Zhiun Cheah, Krishan Gupta and Seshasayee Narasimhan. 6(11): 03-07.

Research Article

Effort-Reward Imbalance at Work and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Longitudinal Study in Iranian Fiber Manufacturing Workers

Somayeh Momenyan, Leila Nassiripour, Tahereh Alinia, Mahsa Fayaz, Razieh Hassannejad, Reihane Hosseini, Javad Sanati and Ghasem Yadegarfar. 6(11): 12-25.

Research Article

Modulation of Serum Adropin Levels by Isoproterenol-Induced Acute Myocardial Infarction in Normal and Obese Male Albino Rats

Sherif Wagih Mansour, Ali Khalil Ali Asalah, Mai M Hasan and Sara G Seada. 6(11): 26-39.

Review Article

A Review of the Major Drug-Eluting Stents in Treating Coronary Artery Disease

Athena Ivanoff and Nicholas A Kerna. 6(11): 40-45.

Short Communication

Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography (CTCA) and its Non-invasive Role in Stable Coronary Artery Disease

Han Naung Tun and Syed Haseeb Raza Naqvi. 6(11): 49-50.

Case Report

Postpartum Tricuspid Infective Endocarditis

Oumaima Naour, Maha Bouziane, Selma Lyazidi, Yassine Boukssim, Rida Elmrabet, Salim Arous, Mohamed Ghali Benouna, Abdenasser Drighil, Leila Azzouzi, Rachida Habbal and Youssef Ettaoumi. 6(11): 08-11.

Case Report

Cardiac Angiosarcoma Causing a Massive Pericardial Effusion and Obstruction of the Inferior Vena Cava: Case Report

Jaouadi Abdelaziz, Abdallah M, Jamel A, Messaoudi Y, Ibnezzine B, Ben Hlima N and Kortas C. 6(11): 63-72.

Case Report

A Large Mass in the Right Atrium: Tumor or Thrombus? - A Case Report from Cabinda, Angola

Pombalino Nunes de Oliveira, Luís Alberto Llauger, António Gerson Bastos Francisco, Thiago Andrade Macedo and Henrique Cotchi Simbo Muela. 6(11): 73-77.

Research Article

The Protective Effect of Nrf2 Activation in Cardiovascular Disease

Daylin Rodriguez, Arian Bethencourt, Dalie Ortet and Nicholas A Kerna. 6(11): 78-82.

Review Article

Current Management of Premature Ventricular Contractions. A Review

Manas and Sumit Verma. 6(11): 83-89.

Case Report

Single Coronary Artery from the Right Sinus of Valsalva: An Exceptional Anomaly

Radi Fatima Zohra, El Hattab Fatima Zahra, Loubna Hara, Zahdi Othman, Jamila Zarzur and Cherti Mohamed. 6(11): 46-48.

Research Article

Impact of Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Implantation on Mitral Regurgitation Severity, and its Role in Predication Survival: A 12-Month Single Center Experience

Mohamed Imam, Yasser Sadek, Soliman Gharib, Mohamed Abd Elghany, Hossam Elhossary, Ghada A Kazamel, Reda Deyab, Tarek El Tawil, Hamdy Soliman, Ahmed Gaafar, Mohamed Osama, Hesham Amar, Sherif Hendawy and Abela Atef. 6(11): 51-57.

Mini Review

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack Management

Samah Alasrawi. 6(11): 58-60.

Short Communication

Mitral Percutaneous Repair in Congenital Heart Disease

Scianna Salvatore. 6(11): 100-102.

Review Article

Updates Regarding Prediction and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death

Galaleldin Nagib Elkilany, Sherif Baath Allah, Mohammed Elmahal, Jaipaul Singh, Ram Singh, Yomna Elkilany and Navin C Nanda. 6(11): 103-121.

Research Article

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging and Intraventricular Synchronism in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Is there a Sex Difference?

Amalia Peix, Olga V Valverde, Kenia Padrón, Lázaro O Cabrera, Lidia Rodríguez, Liliam Cisneros, Flor Heres, Sheila Hechavarría and Elida Batista. 6(11): 124-133.

Mini Review

Current Update on Hybrid Management Strategies of Kommerell Aneurysms

Pradeep Kumar Radhakrishnan and Durga Prasad. 6(11): 136-138.

Research Article

Postoperative Thyroid Function Status in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease

Kazi Zahidul Hoque, Masumul Gani Chowdhury, Mamun Miah and Makbul Hossain. 6(11): 139-144.

Review Article

Review of Gastrointestinal Disorders after Prolonged Arduous Labor and Hunger

Benjamin Yuehtung Lee and Julia Bai. 6(11): 149-154.