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Journal : EC Oceanography
Current Issue : Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2017
Publication Date : January 31, 2017
Frequency : Monthly
Language : English
Type of Publication : Online
Review Format : Double Blind Peer Review
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Aim and scope

There is an exciting, advanced research going on with regard to ocean science. Original research in all areas of oceanography and related fields is one of the emerging research topics these days. The ocean that covers more than two-thirds of the earth's surface is influencing and sustaining the human society to know the amazing and interesting facts related to ocean. Research on these topics will help the society to explore the ocean and its vital importance to Earth and everything that lives on it.

Major subject areas of interest in oceanography include, but are not restricted to the following fields :

Biological, Chemical, Geological, Physical, Global and Geophysical oceanography, Remote sensing, Climate and ocean, Coastal science, Hazards, Ocean chemistry, Ocean circulation, Ocean life, Ocean resources, Polar research, Underwater archaeology, Abrupt climate change, Ice ages and past climates, Water cycle, Global warming, Sea level rise, Changing shorelines and erosion, Rivers, Estuaries and Deltas, Coastal ecosystems, Earthquakes, Harmful algae and Red tides, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Carbon cycle, Ocean acidification, Currents, Gyres and Eddies, Jellyfish and other Zooplankton, Marine mammals, Phytoplankton, Shellfish, Sharks and other fish, Life at Vents and Seeps, Coral, Microbial life, Aquaculture, Seafloor mining, Marine protected areas, Arctic ocean circulation, Glaciers and Ice sheets, Sea ice, Beach closures and Oil spills, Hydrothermal vents, Mid-ocean ridges, Seamounts, Trenches, Acoustics, Moorings and Buoys, Ships, Ocean observatories, Underwater vehicles, RMS Titanic, Air France Flight 447, Currents and waves. The journal covers all the top-tier original research in all areas of ocean sciences.

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