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Journal : EC Interior Designing & Civil Engineering
Current Issue : Volume 1 Issue 1 - 2022
Publication Date : October 01, 2022
Frequency : Monthly
Language : English
Type of Publication : Online
Review Format : Double Blind Peer Review
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Aim and scope

Interior designing involves the basic ideologies of the art or process of designing the interior, habitually including the exterior, of a room, office, or building. Whereas, Civil Engineering is a professional course that deals with the maintenance, design and construction of the natural and physical built environment, including works such as buildings, pipelines, roads, canals, bridges, dams, railways, sewerage systems and airports.

EC Interior Designing & Civil Engineering comprises the wide-ranging coverage of all the major aspects like:

Art Deco, Assemblage and System, Behavior of Structures, Behavior of Structures under Seismic Loads, Blueprinting, Building and Environmental Acoustics, Building Climate Systems, Building Energy, Building Materials and Structures, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Commercial Interior Design and Management, Composite Materials, Concrete Structures, Construction Economics, Construction Engineering, Constructions Economy and Management, Constructions Technology, Design and Performance of Green Building, Design Optimization of Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Energy Efficient Building Technology, Energy Saving Building Materials, Environmental Engineering, Evaluation of Building Envelope Systems under Structural and Environmental Loads, Evaluation of Glazing Systems for Energy Performance, Fire Engineering, Foundations Dynamics, Fuzzy Architectural Spatial Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering, Health Monitoring and Life Prediction of Structures, High Performance Concrete, Highway Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures, Hydraulic Engineering, Interior Architecture, Interior Design Photo Bank, Life Cycle Engineering, Materials and Durability, Materials Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Aspects of Advanced Construction Materials, Municipal or Urban Engineering, Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, Numerical Modelling of Structures, Optimal Design of Structures, Primitive Decorating, Properties and Mechanics of Concrete, Renovation of Buildings, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Public Works, Road and Bridge Engineering, Seismic Evaluation of Building Nonstructural Components, Simulation Optimization and Risk Management, Soil-Structure Interaction, Structural Engineering, Structural Evaluation of Panelized and Masonry Wall Systems, Structural Reliability Analysis, Surveying, Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering, Sustainable Structures, Transition to Professional Interior Design, Transportation Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Urban Drainage, Urban Engineering and Economy, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality, Water Resources Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage.

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