Volume 9 Issue 12

Research Article

Dawa-Ul-Kurkum, A Unani Polyherbal Preparation as a Hepatoprotective in D-Galactosamine Induced Liver Cirrhosis in Rats and its Possible Mechanisms

Mohd Rafi Reshi, Kavita Gulati, Jamal Akhtar, Asim Ali Khan and Arunabha Ray. 9(12): 03-13.

Research Article

Side Effects and Complications of Skin Lightening Products Used by Females Attending Khartoum Dermatology Teaching Hospital

Asjad Yahiya Amin, Mahdi MA Shamad and Sulaf Ibrahim Abdelaziz. 9(12): 14-23.

Research Article

Curcumin Inhibits Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B and Related Redox Sensitive Tyrosine Phosphatases

Scott Mueller, Kevin Beres and FA Fitzpatrick. 9(12): 24-28.

Research Article

Selective Enhancement of Chemotherapeutic Agent-Induced Tumor Cell Killing by Acetoacetate and 3-Hydroxybutyrate

Anna Miller, Bo Lin, Matthew R Pincus, Eugene J Fine and Richard D Feinman. 9(12): 29-34.

Research Article

Identification of Different Allelic Forms of MTNR1A Gene and its Association with Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Bahman Naroui, Saeed Abedian-Kenari, Mojtaba Najafi, Abbas Mohammadpour, Nafise Nasri-Nasrabadi and Ramin Ataee. 9(12): 35-41.

Research Article

Evaluation of Antifungal Potential of Elicitors and Binders

Surbhi Mehta and Kanika Sharma. 9(12): 42-52.

Research Article

Preclinical Evaluation of Combination Effect of Boswellia serrata and Buspirone as Anxiolytic

Himanshu, Dharmila, Deepa Sarkar and Nutan. 9(12): 58-71.

Research Article

Measuring Awareness of Workers and Patients of the Importance of Safety Measures and their Impact in the Radiation Department

Bahaaedin A Elkhader, Abdulazez Saleh ALMalki, Bander Abdullah Al Boqami, Hashem Muhammed Alghamdi and Raad Khaled Aljumayi. 9(12): 72-85.

Research Article

Biological Activities of Solid Dispersion Kollicoat® IR (PVA-co-PEG) - Kaempferia parviflora Dichloromethane Extract (KPD) After Six-week Consumption by Middle-aged Male Rats

Pilaipan Chairuk, Kanyanatt Kanokwiroon, Nisaudah Radenahmad, Yotsanan Weerepol and Chaweewan Jansakul. 9(12): 86-98.

Research Article

Prevalence of Acute Drug Poisoning at the Emergency Department of the National University Hospital Centre of Benin (CNHU-HKM): A Preliminary Study

Razack Osseni, Zahria Adou, Pamphile Assouto, Cédric Bigot, Abdoulatif Diallo, Dine K Baba, Rosemonde Mouzouvi, Béatrice Sangare, Grégoire Gansou, André Bigot and Anatole Laleye. 9(12): 115-124.

Review Article

Assessment of Drug-Drug Interaction Potential for Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

Yanfeng Wang, Rosie Z Yu, Eunju Hurh, Charvi Nanavati, Daniel A Norris, Richard S Geary, and Scott P Henry. 9(12): 99-105.

Review Article

Detoxification and Pharmacological Actions of Medicinally Important Herbal Drug Baladur (Semecarpus anacardium L.): A Comprehensive Review

Uzma Viquar, Shayni Khan, Md Aftab Alam, Syeda Hajra Fatima, Ahmed Minhajuddin, MA Waheed and Mohd Nazeer. 9(12): 106-114.

Mini Review

Medication-Induced Anticholinergic Syndrome During Perioperative Encounters

Duraiyah Thangathurai and Maggy Riad. 9(12): 53-57.