Volume 9 Issue 11

Research Article

Evaluation of Drug Use in Intensive Care Unit of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital-A Prospective Observational Study

Karan B Shah, Sapna D Gupta, Devang A Rana and Supriya D Malhotra. 9(11): 26-34.

Research Article

Detoxification of Therapeutically Important Drug Saqmonia (Convolvulus scammonia L.) with Modification in Classical Method

Md Aftab Alam, Uzma Viquar, Ahmed Minhajuddin, Tasleem Ahmad and Md Sanaul Moin. 9(11): 35-44.

Review Article

Environmental Impact of Pesticide and its Adverse Effect on Human Health: A Narrative Review

Welela Meka and Abebe Dukessa Dubiwak. 9(11): 45-54.

Review Article

Pathophysiological Biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease

Monika Kadian, Akashdeep Singh, Nihal Singh Maini, Garima Sharma, Neetu Saini, Gurfateh Singh and Anil Kumar. 9(11): 66-75.

Review Article

Drug Discovery for Suicide Management

Da-Yong Lu and Ting-Ren Lu. 9(11): 76-86.

Mini Review

Artificial Intelligence: Drug Discovery and Development Prospective in Medicinal Chemistry

Vinayak Walhekar, Pratik Birajdar, Chandrakant Bagul, Dileep Kumar, Amol Muthal and Ravindra G Kulkarni. 9(11): 87-92.

Mini Review

Tackling MDR Infections in Era of COVID-19 Pandemic

Novy Gupte and Sapna Pradhan. 9(11): 93-95.

Case Report

Unforeseen Consequence of Efavirenz Discontinuation

Andrew P Jameson, Aaron Plattner, Todd Stevens and C Ryan Tomlin. 9(11): 96-99.

Letter to Editor

Gut Microbiome and Brain Damages

Shimon Shatzmiller. 9(11): 113-115.

Short Communication

Medication Use Evaluation of Liposomal Amphotericin B at Tawam Hospital

Noora Ibrahim and Tasnim Dawoud. 9(11): 100-101.