Volume 8 Issue 8

Review Article

Neuroprotective Medicinal Plants: Focus on Curcuma longa

Sana Rehman and Arunabha Ray. 8(8): 16-30.

Review Article

Management of SARS-COV-2; The Missing Link?: A Critical Pharmaco-Immuno-Logical Review

Hussain Mookhtiar, Vivek Hegde, Mariya Murtuza Shamsi, Khatija Memon and Meheriar A Chopra. 8(8): 49-58.

Short Communication

Covid-19 Learning in Cardiovascular Diseases

Henry F Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro and Manuel Velasco. 8(8): 13-15.

Short Communication

Cardiorenal Syndromes. New Drugs for Dysfunction of the Kidney and the Heart

Henry Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro, Freddy Contreras and Manuel Velasco. 8(8): 31-32.


Biopolymers, what is that? Catheters, Guide Catheters, Introducers, Stents. What do they Mean and what Properties do they have?

Henry Collet Cammarillo, Daniel Collet Salguiero, Freddy Contreras and Manuel Velasco. 8(8): 59-60.

Research Article

Effects of Yogic Intervention as an Adjunct to Conventional Pharmacotherapy in Patients with COPD: A Randomized Controlled Study

Suresh Kumar Thokchom, Kavita Gulati, Arunabha Ray, Bala Krishnan Menon and Raj Kumar. 8(8): 104-117.