Volume 7 Issue 6


Thalidomide: Between Criticism and Appraisal

Nagwan Mahmoud Salama and Amani Nabil Shafik. 7(6): 442-443.

Research Article

The Effect of Age and Gender on Free VEGF-A Levels in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Treated with Bevacizumab-Based Treatment

Apostolos Papachristos, Haralabos Kalofonos and Gregory Sivolapenko. 7(6): 444-449.

Case Report

Microdosing: The Impact of Quantifying LSD Tabs after Being Seized at a UK Festival

Salah Eddine Breidi, Chelsey Meacham, David Nicholson, Hannah Morden and Martyn Danks. 7(6): 450-452.

Short Communication

Holothurian Triterpene Glycosides as Modulators of Cellular Functions

Dmitry Aminin. 7(6): 453-455.


Kratom and its Active Ingredients - Opioid or Not?

George B Kudolo. 7(6): 456-459.

Case Report

Medication Therapy Management of a Rectal Cancer Patient with Multiple Organ Metastasis

Ye Liu, Yuping Liu, Xiaoyu Qiu, Qing Yang, Xuan Huang, Guo Ma. 7(6): 460-471.

Case Report

A Difficile Endeavour - Pitfalls of Medical Treatment for Critically Ill Patients with Clostridium difficile Colitis

Sara Domingo Marín, Christian Giersig Heredia, Luis García Alonso, Mónica Requesens Solera, Silvia Laso Martín, Jaime Otero de Pablos and Fernando Martínez Sagasti. 7(6): 472-480.


Beta-Endorphins: A Novel Anti-Inflammatory Activity

Shrihari TG. 7(6): 481-484.

Mini Review

Post-Thyroidectomy L-Thyroxine Intoxication: A Mini-Review

Ethem Unal, Sema Yuksekdag and Abdullah Yildiz. 7(6): 485-487.