Volume 7 Issue 3


AKT Isoforms as Target for Cancer

Naveen Dhingra. 7(3): 150-151.

Research Article

Physico-Chemical Properties of Some Selected Plants Gum Exudates in Ghana

David Azanu, Agnes Oppong, Charity Darko, Selina Bondzie and Gloria Owusu-Ansah. 7(3): 152-160. .

Review Article

Neurological Effect of Drugs: An Overview

Heba Z Kufiah, Mashael K Bogshan, Zikra A Khogeer, Sarah A Alyamani, Shahd J Alharbi, Eman M Bamoosa, Khlood O Alotibey, Amjaad A Aloqilyi, Raneem M Wayani, Mawada A Hariri, Razan S Alnifaee, Maryam S Bin-bakr, Randah A Zamil, Somaya A Nadwi, Fatimah A Alhawsawi, Omnia O Abuzahirah, Nujud A Boubsit, Rwan E Radi, Elaf T Damanhouri, Sarah I Al-laaboun, Samiha F Khayyat, Sara K Hanbzaza and Layla Ezzat Borham. 7(3): 161-170.

Research Article

Chromium III in Gezira Tannery Corporation Wastewater (Wad Medani, Sudan)

Ammar MS Abdalla, Nabil HH Bashir and Yousif OH Assad. 7(3): 171-174.

Research Article

In Vivo Antidepressant and Anxiolytic Effects of Methanol Extract of Leaves of Zingiber rubens Roxb. in Mice Model

Nazmul Huda, A F M Shahid Ud Daula, Md Abdul Barek and Mohammad Anwarul Basher. 7(3): 188-194.

Review Article

Phytochemicals from Siraitia grosvenorii: New Minor Compounds and Advances in Pharmacological Activities

Fenglai Lu, Xiaojie Yan, Xiangli Xu, Theophine Akunne and Dianpeng Li. 7(3): 195-204.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

LC-UV-MS and MS/MS Characterize Glutathione Reactivity with Different Isomers (2,2’ and 2,4’ vs. 4,4’) of Methylene Diphenyl-Diisocyanate

Adam V Wisnewski, Jian Liu and Ala F Nassar. 7(3): 205-219.