Volume 7 Issue 10

Research Article

Oxidative Stress Index: Disease Onset Prediction and Prevention

Harold I Zeliger. 7(10): 1022-1036.

Review Article

Rectal Delivery of Insulin: The Pormising Route

Ehab A Hosny. 7(10): 878-887.


Chronopharmaceutics-The Future of Drug Delivery

Anil K Philip. 7(10): 1090.


Clostridium difficile Infection: The Modern-Day Black Plague?

Clostridium difficile Infection: The Modern-Day Black Plague?

Research Article

Influence of Daucus carota on the Hepatic and Renal Biomarkers of Dichlorvos-Exposed Albino Rats

Nwaichi EO, Essien EB and Ibeh UC. 7(10): 1067-1075.

Research Article

Self-Reported Motivation for Prostate Cancer Screening among Black Men in Hillsborough County, Florida

Alrena V Lightbourn and Clement K Gwede. 7(10): 1038-1056.

Mini Review

Carcinogenic Effect of Crops Via Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition by Organophosphate

Anubha Vijay Pandya and Payal Ladha. 7(10): 943-947.

Research Article

Short-term Exposure to Concentrate Ambient Particle Induces Myocardial Fibrosis

Luciano Belotti, Gabriel Ribeiro Junior, Natália de Souza Xavier Costa, Sarah Gomes de Menezes Benevenuto, Victor Yuji Yariwake, Dunia Waked, Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva and Mariana Matera Veras. 7(10): 961-976.