Volume 6 Issue 7

Review Article

A Brief Review on Parkinson’s Disease

Prachi Bansode, Vaishnavi Chivte and Anna Pratima Nikalje. 6(7): 509-527.

Review Article

Poison-Drug Enigma

Juwairiya Butt, Zulfiqar Ali Mir, Hassan Tariq and Shumaila Arshad. 6(7): 542-558.

Mini Review

Bacteria Cell Wall Polypeptides as Targets for the Selectivity in Antimicrobial Peptides as Antibiotic compounds

Shimon Shatzmiller, Gary Gellermann, Amnon Albeck, Roni Malka, David Malka, Rami Krieger, Tamar Traube, Marina Kovaliov, Inbal Lapidot and Galina Zats. 6(7): 559-579.

Review Article - Best Article of the Issue

Therapeutic Applications of Antiasthmatics, Consequences and Remedies

Rashmi Pandey and Bechan Sharma. 6(7): 580-589.


Long March to Live on Mars: Medication and Physiological Challenges

Mostafa Essam Ahmed Mostafa Eissa. 6(7): 590-593.

Review Article

Transformation of Man into Stone- Rare and Dreadful Disease: Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

Tarun Virmani, Atul Sharma, Reshu Virmani, Jyoti Gupta and Gaurav Upadhyay. 6(7): 594-600.


Diverse Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development

Prabhakar Reddy Veerareddy. 6(7): 601-603.

Research Article

Simultaneous Estimation of Prohibited Substances in Human Urine by GC-MS/MS: Application to Doping Analysis

Jain Shila, Sahu Kapendra and Chakraborty Sharmista. 6(7): 604-609.

Research Article

Dopamine D2 Receptor Radiopharmaceutical: I-123-Epidepride Toxicology and Preclinical SPECT Image

Shih-Ying Lee, Yuan-Ruei Huang, Jun-Ming Shih, Yu-Lung Wu, Chia-Chieh Chen and Kang-Wei Chang. 6(7): 610-621.

Research Article

Differentiation between Snake and Bee Venoms using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Computational Approach

Alla M Hashkel, Enas A Sadawe, Asia Mohamed, Nesren M Magel, Ibrahim A Mrema, Salah M Bensaber, Fathi M Sherif, Massaud Salem Maamar, Amira Abdulhakim Elmaghrbi, Anton Hermann and Abdul M Gbaj. 6(7): 634-642.