Volume 6 Issue 3

Research Article

Sub-Chronic Toxicity of Hydromethanolic Stem Bark Extract of Musanga cecropioides (Urticaceae) in Rat

Nwidu Lucky Legbosi and Teme Raphael Ellis. 6(3): 76-95. .

Review Article

Hughes Syndrome: A Comprehensive Review

Salma Sultana Baig, Vaishnavi Chivte and Anna Pratima Nikalje. 6(3): 101-119.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

Cadmium Levels in the Urine of Males and Females from Different Age-groups in an Agricultural Village and Sugar-Producing Town in the Gezira State, Central Sudan

Eltohami MME, Bashir NHH, Abdelbagi AO, and Assad YOH. 6(3): 120-127.

Research Article

Paclitaxel-Resistant Neurons in Dorsal Root Ganglia

Chang-Ning Liu, Yushan Zhang and Magalie Boucher. 6(3): 128-140.

Review Article

Medical Application of Engineered Nanoparticles

Reshma VG, Nathiya Krishnan and Mohanan PV. 6(3): 141-151.


Combatting the Microbial Onset of Neurodegeneration the Peptide Surrogate Approach

Shimon Shatzmiller, Galina M Zats, Inbal Lapidot and Ludmila Buzhansky. 6(3): 152-184.