Volume 6 Issue 10


AI and the Toxicology Wilderness

Gerald H Lushington. 6(10): 878-879.

Research Article

Comparative Effects of Ascorbic Acid and Aspirin on Platelet Count and Aggregation in Albino Wistar Rats

Nyoro K Ignatius, Seriki A Samuel and Odetola O Anthony. 6(10): 880-890.

Mini Review

Aging in Humans and Role of DNA Methylation

Neelam Goel and Vivek Kumar Garg. 6(10): 891-892.

Case Report

Recurrent Acute Kidney Injury Associated with Inhaled Gentamicin

Shereen A Dasuqi, Mohammed A Abdou and Hadeel A Al Otair. 6(10): 893-898.


E-Medicine: An Overview

Kartikey Bhagat and Vaishali M Patil. 6(10): 899-901.

Case Report

Neonatal Acute Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis as Adverse Effect of Intramuscular Injection

Mossad Abdelhak Shaban Mohamed, Taufiq Hidayat and Abdelbaset Taher Abdelhalim. 6(10): 905-908.