Volume 6 Issue 1

Review Article

Aromatherapy – Scope through Selected Essential Oil Bearing Plants in Jammu and Kashmir (India)

Masood-ur-Rahman, Iram Ayoob and Shakeel-u-Rehman. 6(1): 05-12.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

Paracetamol Detoxification Using ODTMA Micelles-Activated Charcoal Complex

Alia Qaddoumi, Mustafa Khamis, Mohannad Qurie and Rafik Karaman. 6(1): 13-21.

Research Article

Efficacy of Vermicompost as a Biostimulating Agent to Combat Residual Chlorpyrifos in Soil Matrix for Food Safety

Neeru Kadian, Santosh Satya, Anushree Malik and Beena Kumari. 6(1): 22-28.

Review Article

Elacridar as Adjuvant with Anticancer Drugs for Brain Tumors - Delivery, Safety, Efficacy and Toxicity

Divya Khaitan, Lincy B and Nagendra Ningaraj. 6(1): 36-44.