Volume 5 Issue 1

Conceptual Paper

Reviewing the Therapeutic Benefits of Psychedelic Drugs

Charles D Shively. 5(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Levonorgestrel, Emergency Contraception: What the Users Know and Need

Carmen Rubio Armendáriz, Montserrat Gloria Plasín Rodríguez, Carmen Candelaria Padrón Fuentes, Nuria Raquel Casanova Herrera, Daida Alberto Armas, María Yolanda González González and María García Batista. 5(1): 03-12.

Case Report

Acute Myelopathy Differential Diagnosis: A Case Report

Tahir Chaudhry, Alice Jiang, Janki Shah, Andrew Rudin, Kaiyu Ma, Malloy Nair and Zoltan Fekete. 5(1): 21-25.