Volume 4 Issue 6


Galangin and Its Anticancer Effects?

Merve Bacanli and Nurşen Başaran. 4(5): 213-214.

Review Article

Insulin Resistance: Recent Advances in Pathogenesis, Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Relevance

Anil Kumar, Ruchika Mittal and Pattipati Sreenivasulu Naidu. 4(6): 244-262.

Research Article

Inhibitory Effects of 1-[2-Cyano-3,12-Dioxooleana-1,9-Dien-28-Oyl] Methyl Ester (CDDO-Me) and Curcumin on Multiple Myeloma Cell Growth

Peter Pham, Abigail Hielscher, Harold Komiskey and Xinyu Wang. 4(6): 263-270.

Research Article

Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Avocado Pear (Persea americana) Seed on Normal and Monosodium Glutamate-Compromised Rats’ Kidney Histology and Serum Bio-Functional Parameters

Anthony Cemaluk C Egbuonu, Olorunsola Dave Omodamiro, Ngozi Kalu Achi and Chinazum Immaculate Opara. 4(6): 271-284.