Volume 3 Issue 2


Inhibitory Effects of Beneficial Bacteria on Recruitment and Function of Bone Marrow Cells in a Mouse Model of Chronic Allergic Asthma

Seil Sagar, Nevin Demirtekin, Ludwijn Lempsink, Bart R Blokhuis, Frank A Redegeld, Jeroen Van Bergenhenegouwen, Arjan P Vos, Johan Garssen, Niki A Georgiou, Aletta D Kraneveld and Gert Folkerts. 3(2): 26-27.

Research Article

Toxic Mechanisms Underlying Motor Activity Changes Induced by a Mixture of Lead, Arsenic and Manganese

Vanda Andrade, M Luísa Mateus, M Camila Batoréu, Michael Aschner and AP Marreilha dos Santos. 3(2): 31-42.

Short Communication

Synthetic Amorphous Silica in Food: Findings about “Liver Fibrosis” and Other Study-Related Findings in Van Der Zande et al. (2014) are Questionable

Peter Morfeld, Axel Bosch, Klaus Weber, Mario Heinemann and Nils Krüeger. 3(2): 49-61.