Volume 10 Issue 3

Research Article

Comparative Analysis of the Antibacterial Activity of Sri Lankan Black Tea from Different Geographical Areas

TMES Thennakoon, PD Abeysinghe, RN Pathirana, WG Dilantha Fernando and S Abeysinghe

Mini Review

Immunohistochemical Surrogate Markers for Breast Cancer Classification: A Prognostic and Predictive Perspective

Karthikeyan D Rajamani, Anita Ramesh, Lakshmi Sundaram and SRPugazhvendan.

Mini Review

Antimicrobial Peptides: Importance in Biomedicine, and Future Directions

Sina Gerayli, Mohammad Delirrad, Mohammad Majidi and Adel Ghorani-Azam

Mini Review

Biological Active Compounds for the Development of Biosensors and it’s Medicinal Importance

Manisha Raj, Priya Garg, Yash Dagar and Chandra Mohan

Short Communication

Emotion Medicine

Shrihari TG.

Letter to Editor

This is What Israel Should Do to Avoid Fifth COVID Wave Report

Shimon Shatzmiller, Ludmila Buzhansky, Inbal Lapidot, Galina Zats and Rami Krieger.