EC Pharmacology and Toxicology

Short Communication Volume 11 Issue 6 - 2023

pH-Sensitive Hydrogels for Specific Targeted Drug Delivery

Nilutpal Sharma Bora*

NETES Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Shantipur, Mirza, Kamrup, Assam, India

*Corresponding Author: Nilutpal Sharma Bora, NETES Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Shantipur, Mirza, Kamrup, Assam, India.
Received: April 28, 2023; Published: May 22, 2023

The recent increase in the popularity of pH-sensitive hydrogels has opened up new avenues in the field of modern medicine with their ability of exhibit immediate and reversible changes in its physical form with respect to the pH conditions have made them suitable options for specific body-site targeting drug delivery, food industry, agriculture and chemical industries. Like an old wine in a new bottle, pH-sensitive hydrogels offer medical professionals with an array of choices for site targeted drug delivery.

Keywords: Hydrogels; pH-Sensitive; Site Targeted Drug Delivery; Polymeric Matrix Systems; Intelligent Formulations

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Nilutpal Sharma Bora. pH-Sensitive Hydrogels for Specific Targeted Drug Delivery. EC Pharmacology and Toxicology 11.6 (2023): 01-03.