Volume 8 Issue 2

Case Report

CRAO: Early Indicator of Stroke

Annu Joon, Kirti Singh, Mainak Bhattacharyya, Nikhil Gotmare, Anu Gupta. 8(2): 35-38.


Overcoming Resistance to Antibiotics

Marianne L Shahsuvaryan. 8(2): 39-40.

Research Article

Effectiveness in the Implementation of a Sectorial Diabetic Retinopathy Prevention Program in Hidalgo, Mexico

Carrillo-Alarcón Lourdes Cristina, Norato Canales Flor Lizbeth, Ocampo Torres Moisés, Flores-López Ehécatl, Chagoya Solís María Leticia, Torres Delgado Arsenio and Vargas-Carrillo Juan Pablo. 8(2): 43-54.

Conceptual Paper

Art and Science Einstein’s Universe via Art

Abraham Tamir. 8(2): 55-58.