Volume 4 Issue 1

Research Article

Correction of Postoperative Aphakia with Verisyse® Aphakia Phakic Intraocular Lenses: One Year Follow-Up

Bojan Kozomara, Ratimir Lazic, Ernesta Potkonjak and Nikica Gabric. 4(1): 446-450.

Research Article

Does Vitamin D Deficiency Affect Diabetic Retinopathy?: A Primary Care Survey and Literature Review

Chandoshi Mukherjee, Michael Wilcox, Samer Elsherbiny. 4(1): 451-458.


Current Trends in Endothelial Keratoplasty

Mohit Parekh. 4(1): 459-460.


Presumed Copper Keratopathy from Prolonged Sunflower Seeds Usage

A.Hambardzumyan, S.Martirosyan and A.Hovakimyan. 4(1): 461-462.

Research Article

Six Plus One: Pre-Descemet’s Layer of the Cornea

Jamil Hasanov V. 4(1): 480-486.