Volume 3 Issue 3

Research Article

Ultraviolet - A Protection in Nonprescription Sunglasses

Clement Afari, Sumaila Mohamadu, Mohammed Adul- Kabir, David Ben Kumah, Adul -Sadik Mohammed and Eugene Appenteng Osae. 3(3): 289-295.

Research Article

Surgical Treatment of Non-Traumatic Corneal Perforations

M Bouazza, A Amine Bensemlali, M Elbelhadji, L Benhmidoune, H El Kabli, N El M'daghri, M Soussi Abdallaoui, K Zaghloul and A Amraoui. 3(3): 296-303.

Review Article

The Management of Cataract: Where We Are?

Marianne Shahsuvaryan. 3(3): 304-308.