Volume 3 Issue 2

Letter to the Editor

Topical Cyclosporine A-Induced Trichomegaly of the Eyelashes

Nilufer Ilhan, Mesut COSKUN, Esra Ayhan TUZCU, Ozgur ILHAN, Tulay Karacan Ersekerci and Yusuf Unluasik. 3(2): 254-256.

Case Report

Uses of Fat Injection in Ophthalmo-Plastic: The Experience at the Regional Hospital Adolfo Lopez Mateos I.S.S.S.T.E. Mexico City

Alfredo Medina-Zarco, David Alberto Linares-Rivas-Cacho and David Enrique Morales-Rome y Jocelyn Navarro-Jimene. 3(2): 257-265.

Review Article

Distinct Forms of Photoreceptor Cell Death in Retinitis Pigmentosa

Francesco Saverio Sorrentino, Maria Di Sanzo, Claudio Bonifazzi and Paolo Perri. 3(2): 266-270.

Research Article

Frequency of low Vision in the Elderly Population of the District of San Isidro from El General, Costa Rica, in the Second Half of 2012

Allan Mora Vargas, Fernando Mata Castro, Leandra Madrigal Rodriguez and Gabriela Guevara Rivera. 3(2): 271-282.

Research Article

Profile of Low Vision in Peripheral Eye Hospital in Nepal: A Short Term Study

Pabita Dhungel and Sunita Dhungel. 3(2): 283-288.