Volume 13 Issue 3

Research Article

The Effect of Active Management of Ocular Surface Disease in a Glaucoma Clinic: An Observational Study

Muhammad Babar Elahi, Mrinal Rana, Hammad Sarwar and Shabbir Mohamed

Research Article

Assessment of Topographic Patterns in Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

Mona Abdelkader and Ayman Fawzy

Research Article

Functional Prognosis of Surgical Ocular Pathology in Brazzaville

Atipo-Tsiba PW, Ngamy VR and Messe Ambia Koulimaya RC

Review Article

Impact of COVID-19 Vaccines on Eye

Shalini Kumari, Raj Anand, Bhumika Sambyal, Yudhyavir Singh, Pradeep Rangappa and Simant Kumar Jha

Short Communication

Ophthalmovigilance in Covid-19: Two Years Experience

Marianne L Shahsuvaryan