Volume 13 Issue 11


Smart Stent for Obstructed Lacrimal Passages

Mohamed Elaswad. 13(11): 01.

Research Article

Quantification of Leukocyte Trafficking in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis through In Vivo Imaging

Fan Xia, Jonathan L Lin, David L Zhang, Shuizhen Shi, Seth E Buscho and Massoud Motamedi. 13(11): 02-10.

Research Article

Color Vision Deficiency and Video Games Performance

Mansour Alghamdi, Bader Almagren, Salman Alotaibi, Amal Aldarweesh, Majid A Moafa, Mohammed Alluwimi, Mosaad Alhassan and Ali Almustanyir. 13(11): 11-16.

Research Article

Changes in Corneal Astigmatism After Pterygium Surgery in Different Grades

Fermín Silva Cayatopa, Claudia Estefania Sotomayor Castillo, Ana Luisa González Méndez, Robinson Barrientos Ortiz, Alejandro Silva Díaz, Juan-Francisco Roman-Benate, Paula Cardozo Moreno and Laura Alejandra Acevedo Espitia. 13(11): 17-24.

Research Article

Correlation Analysis of Area of Corneal Invasion of Pterygium and Measurement Deviation with Intraocular Lens Power

Junmeng Zeng, Xiaoyan Dou, Jiamin Hou and Baikang Ye. 13(11): 25-30.

Case Report

Improvement of Retinal Edema with QIAPI 1™. Case Report

Arturo Solis Herrera, María del Carmen Arias Esparza and Paola E Solis A. 13(11): 31-39.

Research Article

Effect of Binocular Dichoptic Therapy v/s Monocular Patching Therapy on Visual Acuity and Stereoacuity in Amblyopic Patients

Fatima Zafar, Mahnoor Shoukat, Hareem Chishti and Arshia Shakeel. 13(11): 40-47.