Volume 12 Issue 7


Presbyopia Correcting Intraocular Lenses

Mohamed Salem. 12(7): 01-02.

Research Article

Screening and Identification of Normal Flora Isolated from the Ocular Surface of Normal and Dry Eyes Subjects

Raied Fagehi, Murad Mubaraki, Bader M Ali, Abdullah Hakami and Gamal A El-Hiti. 12(7): 03-10.

Research Article

Prevalence of Cataract and its Associated Factors among Adults Aged 40 Years and Above in Waghimra zone, Northeast Ethiopia

Mohammed Ahmed, Biruk Beletew, Ayelign Mengesha and Merkineh Markos. 12(7): 11-19.

Research Article

Analysis of the Results of Comparative Internal Limiting Membrane Staining with Modern Chromovitrectomy Agents

Kislitsyna NM, Veselkova MP, Sultanova DM and Novikov SV. 12(7): 20-28.

Research Article

The Comparison of the Effects of Invisible Flicker to Visible Flicker Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Desk Lamp on Asthenopia

Amelya Permata Sari, Tri Rahayu, Gusti G Suardana, Julie D Barliana and Dewi Sumaryani Soemarko. 12(7): 29-35.

Research Article

Knowledges, Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Use of False Eyelashes among Women in the Town of Parakou in 2020

Codjo Rodrigue Abel Assavedo, Amadou Issifou Alfa Bio and Yollande Marie Paule Assokou. 12(7): 36-43.

Research Article

Profile of Presenile Cataract in Karnataka

Santanu Das and Vidhya. 12(7): 44-51.

Research Article

Scaling-up Community Eye Care Services Using Short Message Service Technology and Mobilizing Community Volunteers: Evidence of mHealth Pilot Intervention from Rolpa District, Nepal

Radhika Upreti Oli, Manish Poudel, Deepak Kumar Khadka, Sarity Dodson, Dushala Adhikari, Khim Gurung, Nabin Kumar Rai, Suman Sumshere Thapa and Mohan Krishna Shrestha. 12(7): 54-62.