Volume 12 Issue 4

Research Article

Method for Intraocular Lens Reposition with Suture Fixation in the Sulcus Ciliaris

Kislitsyna NM and Sultanova DM. 12(4): 05-10.

Research Article

Meibum Lipid Composition and Conformation in Parkinsonism

Solomon Blinchevsky, Aparna Ramasubramanian, Douglas Borchman, Shanzeh Sayied and Krithika Venkatasubramanian. 12(4): 20-29.

Research Article

Quality of Life for Visually Impaired People

Atipo-Tsiba PW, Gantsala ARN, Messe Ambia Koulimaya RC and Eballe AO. 12(4): 30-35.

Research Article

Vaccines and Corneal Graft Rejection

Frederick T Fraunfelder and Frederick W Fraunfelder. 12(4): 36-41.

Mini Case Study

Visual Loss in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7. A Case Report

Aldo A Sigler-Villanueva and Jessica G Sigler-Morales. 12(4): 66-69.

Case Report

Structural and Functional Outcome of Scleral Patch Graft for Ciliary Staphyloma in Rhinosporidiosis

Verma Amrita, Pandey Nidhi and Kaushik Kalpana. 12(4): 70-73.