Volume 11 Issue 7


Abnormal Differentiation of Lens Epithelial Cells and Pathology of Eye Lens

Kaid Johar SR and Abhay R Vasavada. 11(7): 82-83.

Research Article

New Insight into Correlation between Convergence Insufficiency/ Vestibular Abnormalities and Depression in Post-Concussion Syndrome

Neda Anssari, Abdelbaset Suleiman, Mehrangiz Ashiri, Brian J Lithgow, Zahra Moussavi and Behzad Mansouri. 11(7): 73-81.

Review Article

Personal Protective Equipment for Occupational Safety and Ocular Health - A Review

Raju Kaiti, Ranjila Shyangbo and Bhawana Paudel. 11(7): 61-66.

Case Report

Alternative Treatment Options to Oral Prednisone in a Patient with Multifocal Choroiditis and Panuveitis

Bahadorani Sepehr, Johnson Daniel A and Sohn JeongHyeon. 11(7): 46-49.

Case Report

Asymmetric Papilledema in a Patient with a Pituitary Microprolactinoma, a Clinical Twist

Behzad Mansouri, Tenley N Bower and Gerardo D Camoriano. 11(7): 55-60.

Review Article

Beyond COVID-19, the Possible Impact on Eye Health

Nnenne U Onu, Okechi U Amaechi, Andrew U Omaka, Amarachi C Ezeigbo, Christopher O Timothy, Samuel O Ndukuba, Jacqueline E Obioma-Elemba and Ngozi O Onu. 11(7): 67-72.