Volume 11 Issue 1

Review Article

Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Achromatopsia: Recent Advances

Víctor Manuel Asensio-Sánchez. 11(1): 01-12.

Case Report

Rhinoorbitocerebral Mucormycosis in an Immunocompetent Patient: A Case Report

Gioconda Lourdes Armas Herrera and Luis Felipe Arévalo Arévalo. 11(1): 01-07.

Research Article

Risk Factors for Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Endogenous Endophthalmitis

Aditya Uppuluri, Marco A Zarbin and Neelakshi Bhagat. 11(1): 01-16.

Research Article

Stability and Effectiveness of Tecsoft™ Acrylic Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens with its Outcome in Nepalese Population: A 2-Year Review

Eli Pradhan, Kumudini Subedi, Binaya Raj Koirala, Kaushal Pokhrel, Radhika Upreti Oli, Manish Poudel and Reeta Gurung. 11(1): 01-10.

Research Article

A Survey of Dry Eye Symptoms in Contact Lens Wearers and Non-Contact Lens Wearers among University Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Taif

Khaled Hafez Alhasan Al-sulaiman, Hatun Abdullah Al-suwat, Khlood Mohammed Bosaeed and Nesriene Mohammed Elmargoushy. 11(1): 01-09.

Research Article

Mesopic Visual Function Attained with Lenses Specifically Designed for Night Driving

Eva Chamorro, Jose Miguel Cleva, Amelia González, Marta Álvarez and José Alonso. 11(1): 01-12.

Case Report

Macular Edema after Prior Brachytherapy in a Diabetic Retinopathy Patient (Clinical Case)

SA Ignat’ev, YN Khionidi and YA Nam. 11(1): 01-03.

Research Article

Distribution of Corneal Parameters among Malawian Young Adults

Harry Kalulu, Thokozani Mzumara, Precious Emmanuel Chisale and Joseph Afonne. 11(1): 01-11.

Research Article

Expression of FGF2 and Nucleostemin in Models of Retinal Regeneration in the Newt Under Conditions of 3D Organotypic Culture In vitro

Markitantova Yuliya Vladimirovna, Novikova Yulia Petrovna, Poplinskaya Valentina Antoninovna and Grigoryan Eleonora Norairovna. 11(1): 01-09.

Research Article

Complications of Cytomegalovirus Uveitis with HIV Infection

Tatyana Dmitrievna Sizova and Valentina Mikhailovna Khokkanen. 11(1): 01-03.