Volume 10 Issue 7

Case Report

Congenital Choroidal Nevus in a Two-Month-Old Infant

Jaime Quiroz-Mendoza, Paulina Ramírez-Neria, Renata García-Franco, Fernando Pérez-Pérez and Marlon García-Roa. 10(7): 521-524.

Research Article

Depression among Visually Impaired Adults in Ibadan

Bitto Sewuese, Gureje Oye, Bekibele Charles and Bitto Terkaa. 10(7): 530-535.

Research Protocol

Study the Effect of Amethopterin on Visual pathway

David Mattis and Katy Anders. 10(7): 543-544.

Case Report

Melanoma Arising from Subretinal Hemorrhage

Juan Valenzuela and Arturo Irarrazaval. 10(7): 545-553.


Bilateral Keratitis Associated with Protein Energy Malnutrition

Gaurav Gupta, Jitender Jinagal and Jaivinder Yadav. 10(7): 554-555.

Research Article

Recording of Visual Evoked Potential in Patients with Photophobia

Natasio K, Gostina D and Waddy N. 10(7): 556-557.


ICR, My 15 Years Experience of Ultimate Results

Khaled Ahmed Abdelrahman. 10(7): 558.

Case Report

Incidental Choroidal Osteoma Diagnose in 11-Year-Old Child after Eye Trauma

Gülderen Karaca, Mustafa Demir, Umur Kayhan and Mustafa Nuri Elçioğlu. 10(7): 559-562.

Research Article

The Impact of Presbyopia Correction on Near-Vision Related Quality of Life (N-VRQOL) in Rural Tanzania

Alfa Bio I Amadou, Assavedo Codjo Rodrigue Abel, Monteiro Salimath, Abouki Chakiratou, Alamou Soulé, Susan Lewallen and Paul Courtright. 10(7): 571-579.