Volume 10 Issue 3


The Tenon's Capsule: A Closer Look

Walid Sharif and Almutez M Gharaibeh. 10(3): 167-168.

Research Article

Evaluation of Crystalline Lens Density after Standard Corneal Collagen Cross-linking in Patients with Progressive Keratoconus

Mohammad Mirzaei, Masood Bagheri, Mojtaba Eidizadeh, Hesam Sadat Hashemi and Ahad Shahbazi. 10(3): 169-176.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Vaso-occlusive Retinopathy in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Weni Puspitasari, Anggun Rama Yudantha and Made Susiyanti. 10(3): 177-184.


It’s Better: Primal Atom

Jorge Meyrán García. 10(3): 185.

Research Article

The Difficulties Related to Prescription of Eyeglasses to Children in Brazzaville

Atipo-Tsiba PW, Diomandé AI, Messe Ambia Koulimaya R and Eballe AO. 10(3): 186-188.

Research Article

Safety and Efficacy Outcomes of Anterior Chamber Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation and Dependency of Anterior Chamber Depth on Endothelial Cell Loss

Mónica Miguel Santos, Rui Miguel Castro, Joana Mendes Pereira, Henrique Aragão, Maria João Vieira and João Castro Sousa. 10(3): 189-194.

Research Article

Histological and Immunohistochemical Study of Fibrovascular Membranes in Patients with Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy and Vitrectomy Surgery with and without Prior Treatment with Ranibizumab

Ximena Mira Lorenzo, Verónica Romero , Renata García Franco, Maria C Jiménez-Martinez, Atzin Robles- Contreras, Abel Ramirez, Arthur Levine and Benito Celis. 10(3): 206-213.

Research Article

Short-term Manifestations of High-cholesterol Feed and Effect of Remediation with Antioxidants - The Ocular Implications

Genesis Daniel Edokpa, Godwin Chukwuma Agu and Canice Chukwuemeka Asonye. 10(3): 214-218.

Research Article

Association of Disorganization of Retinal Inner Layers (DRIL) and Macular Ischemia in Center Involved Diabetic Macular Edema

Soliman Ahmed Z, Radwan Salma H, Zhang Lei, Van Kuijk Frederik J, Koozekanani Dara D. 10(3): 219-229.

Research Article

Blood Flow in the Optic Nerve Head Changes after Disc Hemorrhage in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Mari Ueki, Tetsuya Sugiyama, Ryohsuke Kohmoto, Shota Kojima, Michiko Maeda, Emika Nemoto, Satoru Tokuoka and Tsunehiko Ikeda. 10(3): 230-235.

Research Article

Trialing Time Resolution Evaluation in Visual Function Tests

Takashi Yuki and Tomoya Handa. 10(3): 236-239.