EC Ophthalmology

Research Article Volume 13 Issue 8 - 2022

Cauterization Versus Suture in Primary Pterygium Surgery in Patients from La Selva

Armas Herrera Gioconda Lourdes*, Arevalo Arevalo Luis Felipe and Aleman Infante Jose

La Selva Ophthalmology Clinic, Tarapoto, Peru

*Corresponding Author: Armas Herrera Gioconda Lourdes, La Selva Ophthalmology Clinic, Tarapoto, Peru.
Received: May 20, 2022; Published: July 28, 2022

The objective of this study is to demonstrate the use and effectiveness of the technique with autoplasty fixed with bipolar cautery compared with autoplasty fixed with stitches in pterygium surgery in patients diagnosed with primary pterygium at the La Selva Ophthalmological Clinic. The study was analytical, cross-sectional, retrospective, divided into two populations, the first group being 40 patients operated on using the electrocautery technique and the second group made up of 40 patients operated on using the conventional technique. Patient data was collected at 24 postoperative hours, 72 hours, one month and the sixth month to assess symptoms and incidence of recurrence. The results obtained were where those operated on with 10/0 nylon sutures presented 82.5% tearing, 80% felt a foreign body followed by 77.5% pain/burning compared to the group operated with electrocautery who presented 15% burning and tearing followed by 12.5% pain/burning. Concluding that the symptomatology decreases considerably, which leads to a postoperative recovery with greater efficiency and better taken by the patient.

Keywords: Pterygium; Cauterization; Autograft; Technique

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Armas Herrera Gioconda Lourdes., et al. Cauterization Versus Suture in Primary Pterygium Surgery in Patients from La Selva.EC Ophthalmology 13.8 (2022): 44-49.