Volume 5 Issue 2


How do Nurse Managers Reengineering Health Care?

Eman Salman Taie. 5(2): 10-11.

Research Article

Lean-Management in Prevention of the Disease of Employees-Men in the Shipbuilding Industry

Shapovalova Darya Alekseevna, Shapovalova Marina Aleksandrovna, Kashkarova Irina Alekseevna and Mamedov Ibragim Gamidulaevich. 5(2): 01-06.

Research Article

Right to Health: Limits and Possibilities of Access to the Treatment of People with Tuberculosis

Fernando Mitano, Fátima Popino, Rarianne Carvalho Peruhype, Glauder dos Santos Palha, Aline Aparecida Monroe and Pedro Fredemir Palha. 5(2): 19-28.

Research Article

Importance of Educational Practices in the Care of Elderly People with Diabetes Mellitus

Valéria dos Santos Ribeiro and Roseanne Montargil Rocha. 5(2): 56-63.

Review Article

Adverse Events in Hospital Care and Nursing

Lisa Antunes Carvalho. 5(2): 103-110.

Review Article

Nursing Interventions in Parents’ Coping with the Death of a Premature New Born in Intensive Care Units

Adiela Castiblanco, Ana Carolina Diaz and Elvia Luz Herazo. 5(2): 01-06.