Volume 3 Issue 8

Research Article

Common Mental Disorders and Exposure to Pesticides: A Cross-Sectional Study with Rural Community in Brazil

Tamara Rodrigues Lima Zanuzzi, Marcelo Luiz Mauad Júnior, Wallace Antunes Damásio do Nascimento, Luciana Ruivo Dantas, Vinicius Rodrigues de Andrade, Caroline Volpatto Weyrich, Fábio Morato Oliveira, Patrícia de Sá Barros, Edsaura Maria Pereira and Edlaine Faria de Moura Villela. 3(8): 01-12.

Research Article

Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Pregnant Women Diagnosed with Syphilis

Katia Feitoza Callera, Michelli Domingos da Silva, Maria das Graças Silva Sarmento, Grace Kelly De Almeida, Ane Vieira Cavalcante, Alisson Rojas Rodriguez, Charlie Smith Rojas Rodriguez, Marly Monteiro Lima and Thaíse Cardoso Dourado. 3(8): 13-24.

Research Article

Strengthening and Improving Access in Primary Care: A Study on Tabatinga/AM

Viviane Loiola Lacerda and Maria Teresinha de Oliveira Fernandes. 3(8): 25-36.

Research Article

Association between Binge Drinking Practice and the Report of Negative Consequences and Violence among Medical Students at a Brazilian Public University

Michelle Ralil da Costa, Adalgisa Peixoto Ribeiro and Graziella Lage Oliveira. 3(8): 37-49.

Research Article

Survey and Characterization by Regions and States of Brazil of the Main Causes of Death from Intoxication in the Period 2010 - 2018

Weslley Fernandes Aleixo, Maria Beatriz Nunes Graciano, Nathalia Serafim dos Santos, Tanize do Espirito Santo Faulin and Thiago de Souza Candido. 3(8): 79-86.

Literature Review

Factors Influencing Active and Participatory Learning of Associate Degree in Nursing Students in the Classroom Setting

Chanvatanak Ly, Erlyn A Sana, Sokhun Chhorn, Sar Team and Chheng Chikhoeung. 3(8): 59-76.