Volume 3 Issue 7

Research Article

Total Quality Management and Innovation in Nursing Service Organizations

Raya Ghanem, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Zaid ALBashtaw, Omar Khraisat and Bayan ALBashtawy. 3(7): 08-15.

Research Article

U.S. Field Hospitals: A Study on Public Health Emergency Response to COVID-19

Luorongxin Yuan, Sherryn Sherryn, Peter Hu and Fenghao Chen. 3(7): 74-86.

Research Article

Cost-Minimization and Budgetary Impact of the Use of Cycloserine in the Treatment of Resistant Tuberculosis

Alessandra Santos Portela, Andrea dos Santos Garcia, Daniel Aragão Machado, Antônio Augusto de Freitas Peregrino, Cristiano Bertolossi Marta, Carlos Roberto Lyra da Silva and Roberto Carlos Lyra da Silva. 3(7): 98-108.

Review Article

Road Accidents and Alcohol Consumption in Angola

Carla Alexandra Correia da Silva and Xiomara Rodriguez Barroso. 3(7): 51-58.


Immunity Participation in the Hypertension Pathology

Irene Burguillo Diez. 3(7): 11-15.


Nursing, Pandemic and Worker Health

Claudia Barbastefano Monteiro. 3(7): 159-160.