Volume 3 Issue 3


Nursing Staff Coping during COVID-19 Pandemic

Saida Ibrahim El-Azzab. 3(3): 171-172.

Research Article

Social and Family Factors Associated with the Prevalence of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Children Born a Second-Level Institution of the City of Cartagena

Carmen Elena Díaz Montes, Daniela Sofía Hurtado Tapia and Laura Vanesa Sarmiiento Lopez. 3(3): 90-97.

Research Article

Educational Program Effectiveness for Carers Affected by Burnout at Geriatric Institutions

Jacqueline Hernández Sánchez and Katherine del Consuelo Camargo Hernández. 3(3): 98-107.

Research Article

Laboratory-Confirmed Seasonal Influenza Virus Infection in Qatar; 2016 - 2018 National Surveillance Data

Joanne Daghfal, Muna Almaslamani, Sharabash M4, Samar Hashim, Peter V Coyle Peter, Abdullatif Al Khal and Ali S Omrani. 3(3): 108-115.

Research Article

Sensor Based Prevention of Pressure Ulcers: Weight Offloading Detection and Prompting Mechanism Verification

Arshia A Khan, Yumna Anwar, Nam Phung, Dale Dowling and Rana Imtiaz. 3(3): 116-125.

Research Article

Microgalvanopuncture in the Treatment of Striae - Systematic Literature Review

Daiane Dos Santos and Naudimar Di Pietro Simões. 3(3): 126-132.

Research Article

Application of Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation on Cervical Cancer: A Case Study of University College Hospital, Nigeria

Onatunji Adewale P, Folorunso Serifat A, Oluwasola Timothy AO, Adesina Oluwaseun A and Uthman Kafayat T. 3(3): 161-167.

Research Article

Ethnomedicinal System and Healthcare in a Riverine Community in Coari, Amazon, Brazil

Raquel Faria da Silva Lima, Lílian Dornelles Santana de Melo, Wendy Marisol Torres Avilez and Ruth Natalia Teresa Turrini. 3(3): 251-261.

Research Article

Levels of Capillary Cortisol and Risk Behaviors in Hospital Nursing Staff

Vanessa Augusto Bardaquim, Aida Maria de Oliveira Cruz Mendes, Júlia Trevisan Martins, Fabio de Souza Terra and Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi. 3(3): 277-288.

Case Report

Witnessed Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

Chen Ching-Ling, Wei Ching-Wen and Huang Chi-Cheng. 3(3): 24-29.

Research Article

Impact of Applying Evidence-Based Guidelines for Epileptic Patient on Their Knowledge, Self-Efficacy, Drug Adherence and Quality of Life

Fathia Ahmed Mersal, Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa and Amany Gamal Algharib. 3(3): 40-54.

Research Article

Breastfeeding and Weight Gain in Hospitalized Premature Newborns

Adriana Amorim Alcântara, Ivanete Fernandes do Prado, Darkman Kaleu da Silva Teixeira and Darlyane Antunes de Macedo. 3(3): 33-39.

Research Article

Magnitude and Determinants of Postnatal Care Service Utilization in Farta District, South Gondar Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Wondimu Girma Mengistu, Abrham Yeneneh Birhanu, Tadesse Wuletaw Demissie and Abaynew Honelgn Desalgn Afflation. 3(3): 289-299.

Research Article

PlanificaSUS Workshops/Workshops: The Perception of Workers in Primary Health Care Units

Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Danieli Souza Bezerra, Antonio Marcos Jacques Barbosa, Eliza Miranda Ramos, Karine Cavalcante da Costa, Hugo Vieira Ramos and Felipe Zampieri Vieira Batista. 3(3): 300-313.

Research Article

Anxiety and Depression in the Nursing Team in the Hospital Area

Vanessa Augusto Bardaquim, Ernandes Gonçalves Dias, Renata Cristina da Penha Silveira, Maria Lucia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi and Vanessa Augusto Bardaquim. 3(3): 228-237.

Research Article

Perceptions of Pharmacists on the Practice of Medication Dispensing at the Primary Health Care Level

Juliana Teotônio Mota Sousa, Edna Regina Silva Pereira and Nathalie de Lourdes Souza Dewulf. 3(3): 314-326.