Volume 2 Issue 9

Guest Editorial

Nursing and Health Care for Covid-19

Carmen Luisa Betancur Pulgarín. 2(9): 60-62.

Research Article

Underweight as a Risk Factor for Miscarriage (Population Study)

Gundarov IA and Boyko NN. 2(9): 13-18.

Review Article

The Diagnosis and Management of Migraines in Adults

Angelo Soukovelos and Jessica Christie. 2(9): 45-50.

Case Report

Psi Space: A Project to Support the Mental Health of Nursing and Medical Students

Erika Antunes Vasconcellos, Josenaide Engracia dos Santos, Rosane Lopes Araújo Magalhães and Rozemere Cardoso de Souza. 2(9): 89-97.

Short Communication

Nursing Education as a Tool for the Transformation of Motherhood

Luis Felipe Ruiz Valencia. 2(9): 29-31.

Research Article

Factors Affecting Treatment Adherence of Patients in a Cardiac Care Unit

Luz Omaira Gómez Tovar, Lina Andrea Sánchez-Urrea, María Alejandra Rodríguez-Alvira, Wilmar Mosquera-Rico and Lina María Vargas-Escobar. 2(9): 77-86.

Research Article

Standardized Nursing Care Plan for Patients with Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor and Radiometabolic Therapy with 177Lutetium-Dotatate

Inmaculada Bonilla Aguilar, Ester Cabrera Saavedra, Immaculada Ferrero Febrer, Paz Fernández-Ortega, María Magdalena López Jiménez and Ma Antonia Martínez-Momblán. 2(9): 98-102.

Research Article

Development of an Appropriate Quality of Life Instrument for Cancer Patients in South Africa

Jacoba Johanna Maria Jansen van Rensburg, Daleen Casteleijn and Johanna E Maree. 2(9): 01-13.