Volume 2 Issue 8

Research Article

Determinants of Maternal Mortality in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State Nigeria

Adeyemo Florence, Enuku Christie, Okpala Pat U and Adeboye Deborah Olubusayo. 2(8): 16-28.

Review Article

Fix Healthcare by Dislodging Washington

Deane Waldman. 2(8): 09-16.

Short Communication

Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Quarantine on Nursing Students in Portugal and Spain

Pestana Cristina, Luísa Gonçalves, Luísa Santos, Rita Abreu-Figueiredo, Merícia Bettencourt and Tânia Lourenço. 2(8): 14-15.

Research Article

Epidemiological Analysis of Work-Related Accidents in Brazil Deliberated by Notification Injury Information System - Sinan

Fernanda Karolina Sanches de Brito, Jocireudo de Jesus Carneiro de Aguiar, Lília Maria Nobre Mendonça de Aguiar, Domingas Machado da Silva and Dinalia Carolina Lopes Pacheco. 2(8): 01-13.

Research Article

Tools of Afrontation at the Time of the Diagnosis. Expressed by People Living with HIV of the Quindío, Colombia

Betancur Pulgarin CL, López Marín Johana Andrea, Marín Buitrago Lina Fernanda, Solórzano Jaramillo Diana Marcela and Ramírez Gutiérrez Christian Camilo. 2(8): 37-44.

Research Protocol

Is there any Relation between Respiratory Rate and Skipping Breakfast?

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Hira Qureshi. 2(8): 32-34.