Volume 2 Issue 6


COVID-19: The Importance of Nursing Professionals

Luis Manuel Fernández Cacho and Rosa Ayesa Arriola. 2(6): 01-02.

Research Article

Qigong Exercise for Cancer-Related Symptoms in Cancer Care: A Systematic Review

Yong Tang, Jing Cen, Qianwen Mo and Ying Zhang. 2(5): 09-20.

Short Communication

Can Health and Nursing Assistance Practice be Improved through Ethical Reflection?

Taís Carpes Lanes and Graziele de Lima Dalmolin. 2(6): 45-46.


Understanding the Role of Nursing in Pediatric Asthma Management: A Case Study from KSA

Abeer Alatawi, Pam Smith, Nicol Ring and Colin Chandler. 2(6): 45-46.

Research Article

Criteria Used in the Performance of Medical Records Audits: A Literature Review

Sayane Marlla Silva Milk and Farias Daniel Lima. 2(6): 28-34.

Research Article

Management Based on Competence and the Professional Competencies of Nurses in the Hospital Context

Laura Andrian Leal, Silvia Helena Henriques, Aline Teixeira Silva, Nilva Maria Ribeiro and Daniela Sarreta Ignácio. 2(6): 40-46.