Volume 2 Issue 11


Reminiscing COVID-19: A Perspective from 2030

Erfan Shamsoddin. 2(11): 109-110.

Research Article

Nursing Records: Factors that May Contribute to Deficiencies in Reports on Wound Dressings

Lucimeire Fermino Lemos, Maria Alves Barbosa, Alessandra Rodrigues De Almeida Lima, Regiane Aparecida Da Silva Souza Barreto, Karina Suzuki and Marinésia Aparecida Do Prado. 2(11): 111-117.

Research Article

Interprofessional Students Learning to Save a Life through Cine-VR Simulation

Sherleena Buchman, Char Miller, Deborah Henderson, Eric R Williams and Snehaa Ray. 2(11): 04-20.

Research Article

Assistance of the Nursing Team in Relation to Breastfeeding: A Literature Review

Roberta Domingues Vieira and Mônica Felix Onofre. 2(11): 37-44.

Research Article

A Geriatric Psychiatry Liaison Service for Family Practitioners

Nadine Corteling, Yvonne Russer and Kuruvilla George. 2(11): 135-141.


The Humanization of Nursing Care: A Utopia in the Intensive Care Unit?

Paula Andrea Cuartas Velásquez. 2(11): 01-03.

Literature Review

Performance of Public Healthcare Services Organizations in Nigeria: A Literature Review

Mohammed I Abubakar and Kapil Kathuria. 2(11): 176-183.