Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article

Factors Influencing in-School Adolescents’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Healthcare Delivery in Ghana

Charlotte Sam Afful, Thomas Hormenu and Eric Terkpertey. 2(1): 01-12.

Research Article

Perception of Nursing Students about Palliative Care and Death in Patients with Advanced Cancer

Larissa Marcondes, Caroline Cristine Inácio, Francisco José Koller, Josemar Batista and Bruna Eloise Lenhani. 2(1): 01-12.

Research Article

Pharmacological Adherence and Knowledge of Anticoagulated Patients

Simone Maria Muniz da Silva Bezerra and Fabiana Coriolano Ribeiro Cavalcanti. 2(1): 01-10.