Volume 8 Issue 3


Episiotomy: The Avoidable Medical Need with Obstetric Physiotherapy

Raquel Leirós-Rodríguez and Anxela Soto-Rodríguez. 8(3): 90.

Research Article

Outcome of Massive Obstetric Hemorrhage in Obese Maternal Population in Tertiary Hospital in the Middle East: A Two Years Review

Huda Saleh, Zeena Busharak, Shahzadi Munaza, Fouad Chaalan, Abdullah Ibrahim, Sunday Olubusola Amu, Kevin Henretty, Seijfullah Perva and Ayat Mutani. 8(3): 91-100.

Review Article

Induction of Labour with Prostaglandins: is a Shift from the Traditional Practice Imperative?

Huda Saleh, Jis Thomas, Rati Barman, Abdullah Awad A Al Ibrahim, Zeena Al Mansouri and Sunday Olubusola Amu. 8(3): 101-108.

Case Report

"Lost" and Found, a Case of IUD Migration

Alexander Schlachterman, Anil Sharma and Eric Hilgenfeldt. 8(3): 109-111.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

Surgical Approach with High Frequency Radio Wave Electrosurgery for Excision Procedures in Gynecology

Dzotsenidze Stella, Zurmukhtashvili Marika and Kristesashvili Jenaro. 8(3): 112-116.

Case Report

Spontaneous Conception in Mosaic Turner Syndrome

K Palaiologos, S Nallapeta and Waziri Addo-Yobo. 8(3): 121-122.

Case Report

Fibroid Calcified, Prognosis for Childbirth

Nacer Eddine Allali. 8(3): 123-133.