Volume 8 Issue 2

Research Article

Incidence and Clinical Profiles of Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases in South West Ethiopia

Admasu Taye, Habtamu Jarso and Yesuf Ahmed. 8(2): 40-49.

Mini Review

PCOS, Infertility and Lifestyle Modification

Mili Sarkar. 8(2): 50-53.

Research Article - Best Article of the Issue

Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage in a Tertiary Hospital in the Middle East: A Two Years Review

Mahmoud Elmorsi Aboulfotouh, Huda Abdulla Saleh, Zeena Saeed Bushurbak, Naglaa Elsayed Hassan, Abdullah Awad Alibrahim, Fadi Mazen Elkhatib, Nadia Mustafa Almulla, Sunday Olubusola Amu and Amira Shepl Saleh. 8(2): 54-60.

Short Communication

Intimacy Program: A Novel Approach in Intimate Rejuvenation

Hichem Bensmail. 8(2): 61-65.

Review Article

Diagnostic of the Orofacial Genetic Abnormalities

Ambarkova Vesna. 8(2): 75-79.

Case Report

Malignant Transformation of Ovarian Dermoid Cyst

Sarah Neary, Nahid Gul and Vinutha Thonse. 8(2): 80-85.

Case Report

Association Between Cervical Cancer And Deep Endometriosis

Gabriel Mitroi and Iulian Gilca. 8(2): 86-89.