Volume 8 Issue 12


Vitamin D; Maternal, and Fetal Well-Being

Aygul Kissal. 8(12): 01-02.

Case Report

Asymptomatic Torsioned Term Gravida Uterus

Takele Digafe, Kenesa Kumera, Ermias Bekele and Benti Yadeta. 8(12): 01-04.

Research Article

Domestic Violence as a Cause of Prenatal Anxiety

Shaila Anwar and Nabeela Shami. 8(12): 104-106.

Case Report

Retrospective Review of Uterine Artery Embolization in Two Cases of Cervical Pregnancies

OV Polikarpova, NA Shevchenko, VM Grabovsky and AE Vanyukov. 8(12): 01-06.


The Dangerous Turn: Review of an Adnexal Torsion

Sachin Vijay Naiknaware. 8(12): 01-04.