Volume 8 Issue 10

Research Article

Role of Anti-Müllerian Hormone in Prediction of ICSI Outcome in Sudanese Women with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome

Tagwa I Ibrahim, AbdElkarim A Abdrabo and Mohammed Rida. 8(10): 978-983.

Research Article

Menstrual Hygiene Management Among Girl’s in Rural Schools of Rukum Nepal

Mohan Kumar Sharma, Shanti Prasad Khanal and Ramesh Adhikari. 8(10): 962-970.

Research Article

Prediction of Sexual Satisfaction Based on the Difficulty of Emotion Regultion, Early Maladaptive Schemas and the Quality of Relationship in Infertile Women in Tehran

Seyedeh Azadeh Aminosharieh Azimi, Hojjatollah Farahani and Fereshteh Shah Mohammadi. 8(10): 884-894.

Mini Review

Does Taking Oral Contraceptive Pills Increase your Risk for Breast Cancer? A Literature Review

Ibrar Anjum, Amna Khalid, Farwa Eajaz and Syeda Sheharbano Jaffery. 8(10): 911-915.

Research Article

Imaging Findings and Differential Diagnosis of Prolapsed Pedunculated Sub Mucosal Fibroids: Experience at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Shaista Afzal, Imrana Masroor, Saira Naz, Quratulain Talib and Ghulam Zainab. 8(10): 924-933.

Research Article

Comparative Study of Chorionic Villi Protein Expression between Normotensive Pregnancy and Preeclampsia

Jayasri Basu, Samantha Gonzalez, Vanitha Banajjar, Aruna Mishra, Yingyi Wu and Magdy Mikhail. 8(10): 943-956.

Case Report

Hydroxychloroquine Use to High-Risk Pregnant Woman with Cardiac Fetal Lupus in Asia: A Case Report

Toshihide Sakuragi, Emi Kondo, Hidehiro Kawagoe and Naofumi Okura. 8(10): 957-961.

Research Article

Lifestyle Changes Impact on Metabolic Risk in Women with PCOS

Andreea Borlea, Laura Cotoi, Yousra Annabi, Dan Bogdan Navolan and Dana Stoian. 8(10): 934-942.

Mini Review

A Mini-Review on Drug Treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Navneet Kaur, Ravi Ranjan, Sourabh kosey and Amit Sharma. 8(10): 880-883.

Research Article

Search of Ways to Improve the Efficiency Cytoreductive Surgery in Complex Therapy of Advanced Ovarian Cancer

VG Cherenkov, AA Shpenkova, IV Alexandrova, MV Sannikova and ES Egorova. 8(10): 835-843.