Volume 4 Issue 2


Stillbirths: The Global Challenge

Solwayo Ngwenya. 4(2): 34-35.

Research Article

Lifestyle and Reproductive Factors Associated with Breast Cancer Risk in Young Women

Nicholas S Costantino, Teresa M Cox, Craig D Shriver and Rachel E Ellsworth. 4(2): 36-45.

Research Article

Assessing the Use of Progesterone Vaginal Ring among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Results of an Acceptability Study in Kenya

Wilson Liambila, Francis Obare, Chi-Chi Undie, Harriet Birungi, Shiphrah Kuria, Heather Clark, Deepa Rajamani and Saumya Rama Rao. 4(2): 46-57.

Short Communication

Management of PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

George Grant. 4(2): 63-64.

Short Communication

The Risk of Spontaneous Preterm Delivery in Pregnant Women with a History of Bariatric Surgery

Dimitrios Papoutsis and Angeliki Antonakou. 4(2): 65-66.